Rats Have Rhythm!

Music has a different effect on each of us. I know for me it’s memories and reminders of days and days gone by and people you knew, places you’ve been and shows you saw. It also makes me move. I’m no great dancer, (fortunately you can’t see this on the radio) but there are songs that just make me get up and move in the studio. It’s funny how it happens all of a sudden I’m shakin’ my arse and movin’ to the beat. Music triggers that rhythm and I do enjoy it, so I was surprised and interested when I saw this piece on rats and rhythm. Rhythm has long been thought to be a uniquely human trait, but researchers have found that rats possess the ability and can keep the beat to Mozart. Now I wonder if AC/DC can make them shake their tails as well or are they simply classically inclined?

Rats Have Rhythm