It’s weird when you can remember exactly what you were doing 25 years ago, but today I can.   I was working at a Chicago radio station and had just finished my radio shift.  I was running around taking care of a few errands and listening to the DJ who was on after me, Steve Fisher.   It was April 5, 1994 and Steve came on the air sounding a little different than his normal up beat delivery.  He sounded in complete disbelief of what he was announcing.  He was announcing that Kurt Cobain had died.   We didn’t know exactly how he died in that minute but deep down we did.  Kurt had been struggling for the last few months and had some close calls.  Shows had been cancelled and he had been in and out of hospital.  Truth be told those who knew him would say Kurt struggled with every moment of the huge success that was Nirvana and that combined with some crippling health issues made it all too much for the ridiculously loved rocker.

Below is my favorite Nirvana video … as I have posted before Lithium is my favorite song (but I have posted that vid before).

Eddie Vedder once said “When it comes to grunge or even just Seattle, I think there was one band that made the definitive music of the time. It wasn’t us or Nirvana, but Mudhoney. Nirvana delivered it to the world, but Mudhoney were the band of that time and sound.”
Nirvana certainly wasn’t the first band on the scene when it comes to the Seattle grunge scene.  Like most music movements who was is debatable.  I mean Soundgarden formed in 1984 and Alice in Chains came about in 1987.  But Nirvana broke through and made the rest of the country/world turn their eyes and ears toward Seattle.   Soundgarden didn’t really attain commercial success until 1994 long after Nirvana and Pearl Jam.   Other bands came out of Seattle and attained indie success like The Screaming Trees and Mudhoney and then a slew of bands from other areas were inspired by the Seattle sound and formed their own grunge bands (Speaking of the that …I actually just bought some lawn tickets to go and see Bush in September … I LOVE the song Machinehead!)

So to be honest I love the Seattle sound.  I love Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden.   Stone Temple Pilots were a personal fave of mine too.  What was your favorite song that has the Seattle sound?  Swing over to Facebook and let us know.