Robert Plant Sings “Stairway To Heaven” For The First Time In 16 Years

Well this is certainly noteworthy! For the first time in 16 years, Robert Plant stepped up to a mic to sing Stairway to Heaven!

The 75 year old was performing during a charity event for Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor, who was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer (but is actually asymptomatic currently!). This marks the first time since 2007 that Plant has sung one of LZ’s most popular songs.

The only video I’ve seen is this Facebook video, and you’ll have to fast forward to around the 55-minute mark to hear it, and yeah, the audio kinda sucks, but it’s certainly worth listening to for the historic value alone!

He explained to Ultimate Classic Rock, that he just doesn’t relate to the song anymore. He said he appreciates it, but just don’t relate to it. Thankfully, we got at least one more rendition to hold on to!