Rod the Mod — the choo choo man!

It’s nice when you make enough money to indulge in your idiosyncrasies.  I guess it doesn’t always work out well.  In the case of Howard Hughes, having money be no object allowed his OCD to take him over the edge.

But sometimes, it’s pretty cool.  Rod Stewart is more than just a hard working rocker.  He is an avid model railroad fan!  I can relate.  I had a Lionel setup as a kid.  But with regular people money, there’s only so far you can go.  Rod has a massive layout that he’s been working on for 23 years!  And I shouldn’t say it’s ALL about money — but money can sometimes give you time.  And Rod built most of his layout himself, taking painstaking detail with all the little parts.  It’s modeled after New York and Chicago around 1945.

But he’s not a selfish model railroad enthusiast!  Last year when a huge railroad display at Stamford, Lincolnshire was trashed by vandals, Rod donated ten thousand pounds toward its restoration.

But he hasn’t stopped rocking, that’s for sure.  He’s touring with Cheap Trick this summer! And I imagine he’s taking lots of socks with him.  Yes, that’s another of his quirks.  He says he takes at least 50 pairs of socks with him when he hits the road.

So far, our little ol’ Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre is scheduled to be the last stop on the tour!  Here’s the lowdown on that show: