As of last Tuesday, when the mayor of Fair Haven, Vermont says he wants you to throw him a bone, he really means it!  You see, the winner of last Tuesday’s mayoral election in the town was Murfee, a 3-year-old therapy dog.  The Cavalier King Charles spaniel earned 146 votes, which was 25 more than the incumbent, a 3-year-old goat named Lincoln, according to town officials.  Sammy, a 6-year-old Fair Haven Police Department K-9, finished third with 117 votes.

The town of Fair Haven, population around 2600, operates under what’s called a council-manager government.  They have a town “manager” and a five-member board to run things.  Since they don’t have an actual mayor, they started a tradition 4 years ago.  The town council decided to use the non-existent mayor position to raise funds for new playground equipment. Residents can enter their pets in the annual mayoral race for $5 each. “At a time when politics can be contentious, the mayoral race in Fair Haven brings the community together for a common cause,” says town manager Joe Gunter. “It’s also a great way to teach our kids about civics and how important it is to vote in our local elections.”

As far as I’m concerned, last Tuesday’s results prove that dogs are more suited to leadership positions than goats.  Goats are much too stubborn.  Of course, Mayor Murfee may be a little too inclined to roll over.  Time will tell.