Santa Has Found a Way to Use A.I. for Good: Sending Letters to Children!

Artificial intelligence is about as popular as tinsel these days, but Santa has found a way to harness the power of A.I. for GOOD.

Santa is using “robot elves” to produce and send messages to children . . . possibly for FREE . . . with the help of a company called Handwrytten, an “automated handwriting solutions company.”

They offered to help Santa send out holiday cards.  Here’s how it works:

Parents can put in a good word for their kids by going to, and signing up with your email to receive a code.  The first 6,000 requests are free . . . then they’ll begin charging a small fee.

Then Santa, with the help of A.I., will make sure the GOOD kids know that their notes and wish-lists have been received.  Cards should arrive peppermint-scented, and containing a sprinkle of lookalike snowflakes, with a return address of the North Pole.  They recommend placing orders by THIS FRIDAY.