Should Phones Be Banned in Classrooms? The U.K. Is Doing It

Kids in England won’t be able to have their phone in class, and can’t use it between classes either.  Officials say phones at school are one of the biggest issues teachers deal with every day.

Some schools already make kids hand in their phones at the start of the day.  But now it’ll be mandatory in the U.K.

So is this something we should think about doing here too?  Some parents don’t like the idea, because they want their kid to have access to their phone if something happens, or they need help.

But a new study found almost ALL kids are using their phone during school hours now.  They polled 200 students between 11 and 17, and 97% admitted to it.

The top thing they’re most likely to use it for at school is to check social media.  Some kids are checking their phone HUNDREDS of times a day.  And they’re also getting hundreds of notifications, even thousands.

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