Sign My Petition to Outlaw Promotional Price Priority on Gas Station Signage!!

Let me be the first to say that I’m aware this is not a high-priority issue. There are things in Illinois that need to be fixed…badly. Pensions. Taxes. The price of gas itself. The list goes on.

But you wanna know what?! I get pretty annoyed when I pull into the gas station, look at the price next to the pump and realize, “Hey! That’s not what the sign said!”

Yep…I  just fell for it again. The old “car wash only price” trick!

This is an easy fix, though! Just write a law that says any promotional price on gas station signage can not be larger or more visible than the regular price for a gallon of regular unleaded.

That’s it. That’s the law.

Easy, right?!

It’s not a HUGE step forward, I recognize that. But it would be a small step forward, even if it’s just something we can all agree on! And finding something that can bring both sides of the aisle together on seems worth the trouble, no matter how trivial it may seem!

I am happy to report legislation is currently being drafted in Springfield to address this!

I urge you to sign my petition! Together, we can make change!! And if not…oh well! Bigger fish to fry, I guess. Maybe they will fix the pension system instead.