So Just What Are We Going To Do For Our Graduates?

Hi, it’s Leslie Harris, and with social distancing shutting everything down, most graduations have been canceled. It’s important that we recognize our young adults for all of the hard work that they have done. I saw one idea that I really like.

Someone decorated the front door of their house with a high school jersey with their child’s name on it, some pom poms in school colors, some ribbons that say 2020, and a pennant to the university that their high school senior will be attending.

When my kids graduated high school, a local shop made signs with my kids name, the name of the school and their graduating year, in our school colors.

Another great way to recognize these kids is to check out 95.9 The River Senior SSeniorhoutouts. I also think it’s important to check with your kid to see if they’re okay with the fuss. My kids tend to be a little uncomfortable if I fuss too much. What are you doing to recognize your graduating senior? Let me know in the comments

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