So Many Mixed Feelings

Hi, this is Leslie Harris, and my oldest kid has moved out of our house. The house she has lived in since she was 3 years old. Now, she is 25, and certainly old enough to be out on her own. But I’m having mixed feelings about it.

Mostly, because I really like her, and I miss her. We didn’t even really spend all that much time together, but it was just nice having her home. She also helped with the cats, a lot!

On the other hand, my house is cleaner than it has been in a long time, and has stayed that way for longer than it has for quite some time. And she only moved to Oak Park, which is a lovely place to live, and not too far from us.

My younger kid, is away at college. I’m not sure if she will move home after she graduates, so my husband and I might actually be empty nesters.

It’s weird. I kind of like it and I kind of hate it. Things will never be the same, which makes me sad, but it’s also okay, and I’m learning to be with it.

Are you an empty nester too? How did you handle the transition? Let me know in the Facebook comments