Something For This Tough Age
Hi it’s Leslie Harris, and I think Middle School was probably the hardest age for both of my kids. They were moody, lovesick, and so, so sensitive. All they wanted to do was sit around the house and stare at a screen. (But secretly, they really wanted to be out with friends)
Fortunately, the YMCA has a great program for middle school kids.
The program is called Livewires, and several YMCAs have the program. It’s happening tonight at the Indian boundary YMCA in Downers Grove.
It’s a safe place where the kids can get together and listen to music, go swimming, play dodgeball, play games, and maybe, just maybe, make some new friends.
The cost of the program is just $15 for 3 hours, and kids in grades 5 through 8 can participate.
But, this program only happens once a month, and tonight is the night for April! So get your kids registered ASAP HERE
What other YMCAs have the Livewire or similar programs? What are some other good options for middle schoolers? Let me know in the Facebook comments.