Sometimes You Just Got to Let it Go.

Hi, this is Leslie Harris and I saw a meme on Facebook recently that said something like

‘Instead of more shopping, cleaning and cooking, let’s make more time for spending time with friends, having some hot cocoa, watching Christmas movies, etc.’

My first thought was, forget that! I don’t have that kind of time!

I realized at some point, (actually several points) that I was not in the holiday spirit at all. Partly because the last two years have been rough for me like so many of the rest of us, but part of it is because I’m just stressing out over things I have no control of.

So I finally, finally let go of some of that stress. I went to a party that I considered skipping because I had too much to do, and boy am I glad. I went to a second party the next night too, and had a great time.

So when you start to feel overwhelmed with too much to do, remember to take a deep breath, relax and remember what’s important, whether it’s the holidays or just everyday life.