Sports Betting At Your Teams Home Field!!

Over many years sports betting has been a no no that caused many to live with a scarlet letter or a ban or an inference of impropriety. Names like Shoeless Joe Jackson, Pete Rose, Paul Horning and even the great Michael Jordan have been splashed or trashed by their association with gambling. Now, however it seems that it really is ok. You can’t watch a sporting event without being inundated by sport book ads and the idea that you’re missing something in your life by not betting on a game. I have never been much of a gambler (except on the golf course back in the day…and then I was betting on myself…when I had game) so my perspective is a bit shaded, but I still find it quite amazing how this can all come around. Now they’re talking about being able to place bets right on site at Wrigley or The United Center or Guaranteed Rate Field. All I can say is hmmmm. I’m wonder what your thoughts on this are. Below is an article from today about Tom Ricketts, Rocky Wirtz and Jerry Reinsdorf testifying about this yesterday to Chicago aldermen.

Ricketts, Wirtz and Reinsdorf Testify About Stadium Sports Betting.