Starbucks’ New Drinks Have a Spoonful of Olive Oil in Them

Do you think this’ll taste good, or disgusting? Starbucks is testing three new drinks that all come with a spoonful of OLIVE OIL in them. (???)

They’re debuting in Italy this week. They’ll hit locations in Southern California this spring, and they plan to roll them out nationwide after that. They’re all part of a new line called “Oleato” (ol-ee-AH-toe).

One is a latte with oat milk . . . the second is an iced hazelnut espresso drink . . . and the third is a cold brew version with a DOUBLE serving of extra virgin olive oil.


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So WHY are they doing it? A reporter who tried them said it adds a “nutty and sweet” taste. But that’s not why. Even though it adds 120 calories, it’s supposed to make your coffee HEALTHIER.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz went to Italy last summer and learned a lot of people there drink a spoonful of olive oil a day for health reasons. Studies have found it’s good for your heart. So he’s been doing it ever since.

He thinks it’ll “transform the coffee industry” and up Starbucks’ profits. It’ll cost even more than a normal cup at Starbucks, but he thinks we’ll pay.

Just adding olive oil to any cup of coffee doesn’t taste great, apparently. So their research-and-development team had to figure out a way to make it work.

They came up with 12 drinks, and whittled them down to three. Starbucks claims they all taste great and add a “lush and velvety” texture. But one reporter who tried them isn’t so sure.

She says she liked them all at first, but less and less the more she drank. She also said she could feel the oil on her lips after a while.

Other people who’ve tried them say they’re pretty good though.