What an incredible opportunity for amazing young local golfers!

We’ll get to our national champ in a minute, but I want you to hear from the youngest participant in the competition!

Her name is Eloise Fetzer. She is seven years old and lives in LaGrange…and she’s a golfer. A hell of a golfer, actually! Earlier this week, she had the opportunity of a lifetime…to play golf at the prestigious Augusta National in Augusta, Georgia, home of The Masters which started today.

This wasn’t some stroke of luck either. Eloise had to earn her way there! She is part of the national Drive, Chip and Putt competition hosted by the PGA and USGA. She started out by dominating the local competition at Broken Arrow in Lockport. She then performed well enough in the regional competition to earn a spot at the national contest which took place in Augusta earlier this week which was broadcast on the Golf Channel!

She was the youngest golfer in the lowest age group of the contest (7-9) and finished in 8th place out of ten girls.

She took a few moments to talk with Scott Slocum, morning show host on our sister station 1340 WJOL to talk about her once-in-a-lifetime experience, and she was an AWESOME interview! I love this little girl and wish nothing but the best for her as she pursues the game of golf.

(If the audio doesn’t load, refresh the page)

Other local participants include Lisa Copeland of Naperville (3rd place in Girls 12-13), Martha Kuwahara of Northbrook (T9, G 14-15), Ledius Felipe of Poplar Grove (7th, B 10-11).

Then there’s Michael Jorski of Clarendon Hills who took FIRST PLACE in the 12-13 division and was featured in the highlight reel above…with an AWESOME fist pump when he knocked down his putt!

Mike’s featured in this wrap up video at 1:28, 1:58 with his Tiger-esque fist pump, and 2:03.

Congrats to Mike and all the participants. We hope you always remember your experience!