Anyone planning a summer vacation? I usually like to take a few days to go visit friends and family…and that can cost some money.    Anyone else feeling the crunch? Every penny counts.  Trust me…you may end up spending more cash than you had anticipated.

Well as usual…I am Tim Thomas…and I am here to help…you save money this summer!  🙂

Try these ideas to make a little extra dough…or save a few pennies. And you can still have a fun summer!

  1.  Find free events!  Festival time is here, an outdoor concert, or other community events.  I bet our Community Calendar can help you there!
  2. Garage Sale.  It will de-clutter the house and make a little extra cash.
  3. Grill outside.  Grilling outdoors will keep house cooler.
  4. Take vacation in last week of August. Most families don’t want to take a vacation so close to the beginning of school. Might be able to find cheaper prices

Feel free to share other ideas and hints to save a few bucks.  My pocketbook will thank you!