Sure Feels Like Summer & I’m A Sun Guy!

I’m a sun guy! Always have been, always will be. I love being out doors in the sun. I play in the sun, I lay in the sun, I stay in the sun and yes I know there’s danger there and I do take precautions! I use sunscreen and I’m always hearing from folks about don’t forget the sunscreen….hey thanks for caring….seriously, but I’m on it. I get energy from being outside…now I’m not claiming that I’m rechargeable, but it does boost me up to be out in the sun! You know that vitamin D thing! I just love it, but like I said there is danger there. I’ve had my share of pretty good sunburns, but for the most part I turn a bit red and I’m brown the next day. Maybe it’s my Scandinavian Heritage…no wait isn’t that the rolling in the snow thing….well never mind. So I saw this piece on sunscreens and thought was pretty definitive. Why and how and what’s good and what’s not! It has  a lot of very good information in it so please check it out and don’t forget your sunscreen!

A Sunscreen Evangelist Explains Why You Need To Get On Board.Click Here.