Sycamore Residents Overtaxed, Getting Refund

Maybe it’s a bit cynical of me, but part of me feels that if an Illinois taxing body happened to OVERtax its residents, we probably wouldn’t know about it and some political crony somewhere would have a few more bucks in their pocket. Maybe I’ve become a little slightly pessimistic?! I don’t know, but this is refreshing news.

The city of Sycamore said in a statement that they over-taxed its residents by about $120,000. Apparently, a clerical error is to blame for raising taxes by $720,000 instead of by $600,000 back in 2022, which residents paid for in 2023. Checks are being mailed out and should be received by residents by mid-April. It does not mention how much those checks are going to be, however. If I were to guess, based on the population of Sycamore (around 19,000), I would assume refund checks to be between $5-$10…but that is a complete guess, honestly based on $120,000/19,000. There may be more involved in that than my simple math!

Either way, credit to city officials for not trying to hide it!

Pretty low bar, I know.