I’m always looking for places to enjoy a bite to eat or a sip to…um…sip before a show at the Paramount in downtown Aurora. I’m going to go ahead and put French 75 on my list.

Its part local art gallery and part craft cocktail lounge. That’s all well and good, but the concept that really pulled me in is the process at which they come up with their menu! Each featured drink they put on their menu is a collaboration with an artist they have featured on the walls. Not only does the cocktail reflect the artists’ tastes in libations, but quite literally reflects their art!

For example, they have two pieces on the wall by Daniel Mundy, a bourbon drinker. One is called Sundown Over the Marsh and the other Sunset Over the Marsh. So the mixologist at French 75 created a variation on a Manhattan to include Mundy’s liquor of choice, but the darker colors of the drink reflect the dark tones of his paintings.

The paintings with more color  may have a more colorful accompanying cocktail.

Genius idea!

There’s a rosemary gin and tonic in this guy’s fugure, fo sho!

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