That Emergency Alert Test Outed A Lot of Tech-Using Amish!

Last Wednesday, everyone’s cell phone blared with that emergency alert test.  It interrupted meetings and lunches, and startled some people, but it wasn’t that a big deal since it happened to everyone.

Although, it was NOT ideal for people who have a SECRET phone like members of the Amish community!

There are reports online about how some Amish people are being shunned after last week’s emergency alert OUTED their hidden cell phones.

A former Amish guy on TikTok says that a few of his Amish friends are dealing with backlash because they had their phones on vibrate, or with the sound off, and they didn’t realize the alert would still make a loud sound.

In some Amish communities, this might be a minor offense, but in others being “shunned” is significant and could involve a difficult separation of the person from the community for an extended period of time.

The Daily Star has more on it if you’d like to read up!