The 10 Noisiest Cities in America. Once again Chicago isn’t #1

If you’re thinking about a move and enjoy the soothing sounds of bottles breaking and sirens wailing in the distance . . . quick, grab a pen.

A study ranked the noisiest cities in the U.S. based on everything from traffic and construction to noise caused by airplanes, subways, and the number of bars per capita . . . or, how many drunk people will spill out onto the streets after last call.

According to the results, our noisiest city is also our biggest:  New York is #1.

1.  New York.  Mainly because it’s the most densely populated, and has almost three times more “nightlife” spots per square mile than any other major city.

2.  Chicago.  It ranked first in average number of flights per day.

3.  Jersey City, New Jersey

4.  Newark

5.  Boston

6.  San Francisco

7.  Miami

8.  Philadelphia

9.  Long Beach, California

10.  Los Angeles


(In related news:  A separate study ranked the most relaxing cities in America based on things like parks, spas, and yoga studios.  Glendale, California ranks first on that one.)