The 2024 Take it Outside Challenge
Hey it’s Leslie Harris and one thing that became really clear to me during the pandemic is how much I need to be outside, even this time of year.
I get cold really easily, and I used to spend most of the winter inside. During the pandemic, my need to see people was so strong that I braved the cold anyway. I got together with friends every week, and went for long walks. Now, I realize how important it is for my physical, as well as my mental health, to spend time outside every week. (Science backs this up)

The Forest Preserve District of Will county is once again having its Take It Outside Challenge. It’s a fun way to participate in different outdoor activities, with a little friendly competition.

Each week, there are 10 challenges, with one hike each quarter.

And there’s prizes! Gift cards range from $50 to $500, and there’s other merchandise as well.
But the best prize is really that the Take It Outside Challenge will bring greater health and happiness, especially if you do it with friends or family.
Find out more about the forest preserve District of will county’s 2024 Take It Outside challenge HERE