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Nothing punches up a great rock track like a killer scream.  And has ranked the 35 best, and I have to tell ya, they are pretty spot on!

UCR bent the “rock” genre with James Brown, but since he was their #1 pick, we included him here.  They also linked a video of the Beatles doing “Revolution” that shows Paul screaming instead of John.  For the record, it’s John double-tracked on the original single.

Another cool note, in the Joe Cocker cover of the Beatle’s “Friends,” that Jimmy Page on guitar!

Here are the Top 20, but I encourage you in the strongest of terms to check out UCR’s list and accompanying videos…and to maybe let out a scream of your own sometime today. You’ll feel better, I promise!

1.  “Get Up Offa That Thing”,  James Brown  (1976)

2.  “With a Little Help from My Friends”,  Joe Cocker  (1969)

3.  “Child in Time”,  Deep Purple  (1970)

4.  “Piece of My Heart”,  Big Brother and the Holding Company  (1968)

5.  “When the Music’s Over”,  The Doors  (1967)

6.  “Revolution”,  The Beatles  (1968)

7.  “Bird of Prey”,  Uriah Heep  (1971)

8.  “Good Golly Miss Molly”,  Little Richard  (1958)

9.  “Monkey Wrench”,  Foo Fighters  (1997)

10.  “Won’t Get Fooled Again”,  The Who  (1971)

11.  “Back in the Saddle”,  Aerosmith  (1976)

12.  “Spoonman”,  Soundgarden  (1994)

13.  “T.V. Eye”,  The Stooges  (1970)

14.  “What’d I Say”,  Ray Charles  (1959)

15.  “The Number of the Beast”,  Iron Maiden  (1982)

16.  “Mother”,  John Lennon  (1970)

17.  “Careful with that Axe, Eugene”,  Pink Floyd  (1968)

18.  “Cygnus X-1”,  Rush  (1977)

19.  “Welcome to the Jungle”,  Guns N’ Roses  (1987)

20.  “I Can’t Turn You Loose”,  Edgar Winter’s White Trash  (1972)