What the heck is going on here?!

It appears someone has animated the Batavia Bulldog water tower, is making it talk and gave it it’s own Twitter account. It’s mostly about high school football, even engaging rival town’s mayors!

Strange voice aside, it’s pretty dang hilarious. I’ve watched every video! Props for the awesome creativity, the slightly-creepy voice just adds to its charm.

UPDATE: Apparently pointing out a talking water tower with a mildly-creepy robot voice means that I hate the entire town of Batavia and it’s high school. Just to be clear, that’s absolutely not true.

We’re probably the media outlet spreading the word the most about this incredibly creative marketing! I love it! I would have thought the people behind a talking water tower would have a sense of humor about itself! So, for the record, I think it’s great. I’ll continue to watch, like and retweet the videos because they are hilarious and promote high school football, which I also love (have broadcasted it for years). Just because I think the voice is funny and a bit strange, doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the whole thing! Keep doing you, Batavia Bulldog Water Tower!

I even thought having the Batavia Water Tower live on the air on Friday to talk about high school football would be fun. What do you think Water Tower? Wanna take your game to the next level? @ me.