The snarkiest form of poetry

Hey, guess what?  Today is National Limerick Day!  I’ve always loved limericks.  There are more limericks in the world besides the one about somebody from Nantucket.  A well-crafted one does a good job of setting you up for the punchline which happens in the last line.  So just to be annoying, I came up with a few.


Today is the Day of the Limerick

I’m using it as a nice gimmerick

Though it’s nothing but hype

I just sit here and type

When I really should be at the gymerick.


 See, once in a while, Dr. Seuss can provide inspiration with the idea of just making up words.

Since it’s also Mother’s Day today, I thought I’d throw in a couple for the Moms.


Your mother deserves this day too

Perhaps at the beach or the zoo

But what she might want

Is a nice restaurant

And a dinner that used to say “moo”.


And today, don’t forget ‘bout your wife

She’s the woman who gave your kids life

Her heart you could lift

With a really nice gift!

To neglect her would cut like a knife.


OK, that last one was a little too serious on the last line.  Not really a punch line exactly.


Well, so much for Limerick Day

Where all I desire to say

I must say in rhyme

But I’m racing with time

So it might not be that good, OK?


That says it all.