Valentine’s Day, in general, is thought of as a female-centric holiday. Men around the country go out – usually at the last minute – to buy the woman in their life a memento to show how much they are loved. Usually it’s jewelry or flowers or candy. Some may even give it a little thought and go for something more personal.

But guys should be getting gifts, too! Ladies, in case you are struggling to find that perfect gift for your man, remember that we operate at a different level – a much, much lower level. We like practicality. That isn’t to say we don’t like those thoughtful fits. I have a few of them hanging in my office as I type. But if you are looking for something a bit different, here are a few things we men REALLY like.

Beer – Get him his favorite brew, or if he’s like me, a few different craft selections!

Tech Gadgets – Wireless chargers, video games, or anything with a battery will probably do the trick! Or this hilarious banana phone!

Cool Stuff for the WallsBlue prints and cool looking maps are a really a really neat addition to a man cave or office!

Event Tickets – Send him to his favorite show or sporting event. And maybe this cool ticket diary to remember all those cool shows.

Golf – Give him a gift card to shoot a round of golf. It’s basically giving him a day with his buddies.

Gift cards! – Does he drink coffee? Get him a gift card to his favorite coffee joint so he doesn’t feel guilty about spending the money. You’ve already spent it for him!

Tacos – Obviously.

Vinyl – Pick up a record of his favorite band, and he’ll really dig the throwback vibe. Doesn’t have a turntable? Don’t worry! You can find an entry level model for under $100.

Obviously, you know your guy better than I do, but I’m willing to bet one of those things will do the trick!

Happy V-Day!