The Fairies Have Landed!

Hi it’s Leslie Harris, and when my oldest was little, she would regularly tell people that she was Queen of the Fairies. Even the kids in her kindergarten class all knew, and she would often tell even strangers.

I grew to love fairies even more with my fairy child, so I’m excited that Downtown St. Charles now has a Fairy Walk! These magical creatures have descended upon Downtown St Charles, and it promises to be fun for everyone.

If you find a fairy door or a fairy house in downtown St Charles, look for a QR code. Scan the code and you’ll see an uplifting message, and a perk from one of the participating, local businesses.

It’s about fun and magic, but it’s also about bringing more business into the locally owned establishments that are sponsoring the Fairy Walk.

You can ‘meet’ the fairies and find out more about the downtown St Charles Fairy Walk, including a map, by clicking HERE