The Four Most Annoying Things About the Super Bowl?

The most annoying thing to me about the Super Bowl is chatty people who talk during all of the commercials that I want to see.  It didn’t make the top 4 list though.

A columnist at Sports Illustrated” broke down the things that are most annoying about the Super Bowl.  Here are four things from the list . . .

1.  People who don’t watch football asking you who you think is going to win the Super Bowl.  It’s supposed to be a conversation starter, but if you don’t even know which teams are playing, maybe don’t bother asking.

2.  Having to call it the “Big Game” instead of the “Super Bowl.”  The NFL restricts the use of its “Super Bowl” trademark, so you’ll see things like, “Here’s a chicken wing recipe for your Big Game party.”

3.  Commercials being released early.  All the new commercials are released on the internet ahead of time now, which ruins the excitement and anticipation of seeing them during the game.

4.  The Madden simulation.  Every year, the EA video game “Madden” simulates the Super Bowl and “predicts” a winner.  And media outlets cover the results like they mean something.  But it’s not very accurate . . . it’s one-and-four in predicting the winner over the past five Super Bowls.

For what it’s worth, this year, it’s predicting the Philadelphia Eagles will defeat the Kansas City Chiefs, 31 to 17.

(Sports Illustrated / ESPN)