The Great Barrier Reef! Is There A Problem?

I worry a lot about the kind of world and planet we’re leaving for our children and grand children. I really do care how their lives will be shaped as Earth continues down a path of unsustainable decisions about climate and water and air. It seems almost weekly something comes out that says we’re not doing enough to stem the tide of climate change or we’re not doing enough to help clean up the mess we’ve made of the planet or we’d better start paying better attention to all the warning signs that keep appearing! The fires, the drought, the frequency and strength of storms all suggest we need to take a moment and rethink some of what we are doing! Now, today I saw this piece on the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef ecosystem and how that most of the coral studied on it was bleached. What does that mean, well I don’t know, but it sure isn’t good. I’ll let the experts tell you exactly what that means.

Australia Says Most Of The Coral Studied On The Great Barrier Reef Was Bleached.