The Hour is NOW (or at 8:30 tonight)

This is Leslie Harris, and today is Earth Hour Day! This was started by the World Wildlife find in Sydney Australia in 2007, and it’s in easy and fun way to be part of a global consciousness for the environment.

At 8:30 tonight local time, wherever we are in the planet, we are all invited to turn off the lights for one hour. ONE hour! We can do that, right?

Of course, with all this is happening in the world, no one is asking you to do anything that would be unsafe, but if you’re able to, why not try it? It could be fun!

So what could you do when you turn your lights off? How about a late dinner by candlelight? Board games or book readings by candlelight might be fun. If you got young kids, you could build a tent fort. Crafts can be done by candlelight, or you could just spend the time talking to each other or maybe even telling stories.

Everything you need to know about Earth Hour, including a satellite to see what the earth looks like can all be found HERE, but I recommend turning off ALL non-essential electronics for one hour tonight. This is about saving electricity, and seeing how much we can have with the lights off!

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