The Incredible Guitar Hotel

Hey there, it’s John Calhoun, back from a Florida vacation. While there, I was blown away by the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, not far from Fort Lauderdale.

It’s all new as of October 2019. Completely re-done at a cost of $1.5 billion (yes billion).

They call it the Guitar Hotel, because it’s shaped like a guitar (see picture). Twice nightly, the outside of the building is lit up in a spectacular light show, complete with music. The guitar “strings” also beam skyward for an amazing effect.

Inside, there are many restaurants and upscale shops. We saw a new Lamborghini on display and Neil Diamond’s 1956 Thunderbird.  Of course, like all the Hard Rock locations, plenty of guitars, rock star outfits and memorabilia are on display.

You don’t even have to stay at the hotel or gamble in the casino to experience it. But give yourself some time to take it in. It’s an enormous operation – over 5,000 people work there!