So tonight we have the last night of our listener appreciation Music Challenge and River listener Kari DiSantis Moland came up with a super fun question for us to finish up with.   It’s one that is going to make you have to think back to those days of posters on your bedroom wall and day dreaming while you played a 45 on your record player.  So the question for the Kari DiSantis Moland Music Challenge is … Who was your first musical crush?

So as we grow up our music tastes develop from Sesame Street to Baby Shark to maybe something from Motown or these days something by Taylor Swift I imagine.  As our hormones kick in we usually need to rock a little harder and we start developing a more sophisticated musical palate.  Now somewhere in between, our musical taste hasn’t developed but the hormones start to kick in and we develop our first musical crush.   For me it was when I first heard the song below.  Honestly the yearning in young Donny’s voice made my heart go pitter patter.  Infact when he sang the line “Someone help me … help me please” I was pretty convinced Donny was singing that to just me.   Imagine how thrilled I was when I saw that the dreamy voice also had dreamy eyes (and the biggest smile you have ever seen).  So there you go … my first musical crush was Donny Osmond (and yes I do still believe I could have helped him … if he had let me!)