The Most-Hated Slang Term in the Nation is the Chicago word “Slashie”?!

There are THREE categories of slang terms:  The ones we LOVE, the ones we HATE . . . and the Gen Z ones that no one can understand because they are just random abbreviations that no one uses.

The site WordTips just put out a comprehensive report on regional slang throughout the U.S., covering 14 areas with distinct dialects:  Hawaii, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, New Orleans, Texas, Chicago, Denver, California, New Jersey, Mississippi, Seattle, Pittsburgh, and “Midwestern.”

Here are FIVE things they found:

1.  America’s favorite overall slang region is the HAWAII dialect . . . followed by New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and New Orleans. They didn’t list our LEAST favorite, but the four that didn’t make the Top 10 are:  Mississippi, Seattle, Pittsburgh, and “Midwestern.”

2.  Our “most-loved” slang WORD overall comes from Texas.  It’s “conniption,” which is, “a fit of rage or a tantrum.” “Wicked” from the Boston area is second, followed by “kin,” also out of Texas.

3.  America’s “most-hated” slang term is from Chicago.  It’s “slashie,” which is a hybrid bar / liquor store establishment.  I’m from here and have never heard that before! The party word “ripper” from the Boston area is the second most-hated, followed by the Denver-area term “Colorado Kool-Aid,” which is slang for Coors.

4.  The favorite slang from New York is “cringe” . . . from California is “outta pocket,” which is used when someone has crossed a line . . . and from Chicago is “Grabowski,” which was inspired by local football legend Jim Grabowski.

5.  The most-hated slang from New York is “brolic,” which is having an exceptionally muscular physique.  Sorta like “buff” or “swole.” The worst from California is “clutch” . . . and from Texas is “clodhopper,” which is a heavy shoe, and an insult for someone clumsy or uncultured.

That’s the TLDR. You can peep the full dusty at Word.Tips. I’m pretty sure I used those right…