The New Chicken-N-Spice Chicken Sandwich Is the Talk of the Joliet Area, So I Had to Try It

After hearing friends, random social media people and even an article in the Patch touting new chicken sandwich at one of Joliet’s favorite chicken shacks. It had the streets a-bubblin! The first thing that popped into my mind when I heard Chicken-N-Spice now had a chicken sandwich was if it was breaded like their famous chicken chunks!? I had to find out immediately.

I zipped down to the Shorewood location during lunch yesterday and picked one up (along with some wedges because…obviously).

It certainly looks the part of a great chicken sandwich! It has the requisite brioche bun, which is the only option for a crispy sandwich. It was nice and big and featured the same breading as the famous chicken chunks. Beyond that, it was delightfully simple. The only toppings were two leaves of iceberg lettuce, some mayor (I opted for spicy) and a few pickle rounds.

Let’s stop here and talk about the Popeye’s chicken sandwich, which currently reigns supreme in the fast food chicken sandwich wars. That thing is delightful! It’s built much the same as the Chicken-N-Spice version. Very simple. It’s fantastic. I could eat 8 of those things. Big fan.

Now friends…when I took my first bite of the Chicken-N-Spice version, it was clear that there was a new leader in the chicky sammy battle! It was juicy, crunchy, not overly saucy…simply chicken perfection.

I’m ecstatic that there is a local fast food option when it comes to the chicken sandwich, and it’s better than the chain. And it’s 5 minutes from my door!

Chicken-N-Spice has been a staple in Joliet for over 40 years, but this old dog just learned a fancy and delicious new trick!

I give it five stars!

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