The River is the luckiest station alive because we have the most amazing bunch of weekend DJ’s.   Their collective musical knowledge would form a world famous trivia team (actually they should totally do that … they could win some serious cash … or at least some free beer.)  Anyhoo I thought it would be a great idea to tap into their musical genius and have them come up with the questions for this week’s music challenge. Starting with the amazing Rich Dale (You can catch Rich every Saturday and Sunday from 3-7 pm)

Rich wants you to name a song about being a rock musician.   At first you might be like … hmmm… but when you start to think about it you realize there are so many.  Rock musicians like to write about their favorite subject I guess ..themselves.

I was torn as to which version of this track to go with … I mean the Byrds 1967 version is stella but in the end I had to go with one of my favorite Rock and Roll stars …so enjoy this Tom Petty track and then head over to Facebook and play the Rich Dale Music Challenge yourself.