I guess I’ve never really thought about it. It’s not something that takes up place in my brain…mainly because I have a dishwasher now (that wasn’t always the case). Even when I did have to handwash my dishes, I always cleaned the bottom…mainly because it took two seconds to do it.

Come to find out, there are people that skip that step, and if you think about it, it’s kind of gross!

If you are like me, and most people who need to conserve space in their kitchen, you probably stack your plates. If you don’t wash the bottoms, then you have those nasty plate-bottoms touching the tops of your clean plates…making them unclean!

To those of you out there that don’t wash the bottoms of your plates…what else DON’T you wash? I now question every decision you’ve ever made. Figure it out!

Thank you to Bon Appetite magazine and author Nikita Richardson for bringing this to our attention.