There’s a reason some people are knighted

Who would’ve thought that a guy who released his first album in 1969 would have the most successful year of his career 50 years later!  Maybe authors and such have that kind of life, but it’s unusual for a pop/rock musician.

Elton John’s first album, Empty Sky, was released in ’69 and contains the minor hit “Skyline Pigeon”.  After that, his career took off at a good pace and he eventually became the biggest pop star of the 70’s.  He’s gone through a lot of personal problems, some of which fueled the outrageousness that made him so popular in the 70’s.

He mellowed out a lot in later years and became more popular on “adult” radio that rock radio, though in concert he never forgot his rock and roll days.  He still plays “Burn Down the Mission” and “All the Young Girls Love Alice” live!

Through it all, he never forgot that the fans were the reason for his success, and this year with his farewell tour in full swing and his biopic bringing him to the attention of new generations, he hasn’t forgot to thank the fans.  Check the story here: