The band formed in 1967 when two members of the Hallucinations teamed up with a Boston-based trio. Two years later, they signed their first record deal. That was 1969, when typical rock ‘n rollers performed in jeans and T-shirts.

The J. Geils Band was not typical. Wearing suits, ties and fancy shirts, they were into a more formal look. Lead singer, Peter Wolf, said “We were asked to play Woodstock, but we turned it down. Three days in the mud, who needs it?”

On March 7, 1982 (Wolf’s 36th birthday), Centerfold was the number one song in the USA. It topped the charts for a total of 6 weeks, becoming the band’s biggest hit single. Later that year, the title cut from the Freeze-Frame album would reach number 4 on the charts.

Happy birthday Peter Wolf!