Think Simpler Gifts That Will Bring Smiles!!

Well we’ve said this so many times before and I’m sure it’s not gonna be the last time either, but this bloody year and the damn pandemic has caused so much angst and sadness, so much change and denial, so much stress and discomfort! What the hell do we do about it? We’ve been forced to stop doing so many of those things that we used to do, maybe it’s time to look back and return to some normalcy with old habits. People have really stopped sending Christmas cards over the last decade or two so maybe that’s a way to reconnect and send out some good vibes to some of those you haven’t been able to see of late. Can’t hang out with family and friends? Well send them something. A gift for the season or a gift for no reason!! It’s always fun to get those surprise Christmas cards from an old friend or family member and even more fun when an unexpected package arrives. Something fun and festival from the heart can go a long way toward saying I miss you and wish you were here or us there!! Last year Susie turned me on to her friend Rhonda who does “Sweet Treats”. We’ll just call her the Cookie Lady. She sent out delightful boxes of goodies for me to family and a few friends. This years I’m employing her services in a larger manner because I want friends and family to know how much they mean to me and how much I miss them and say it out loud Merry Christmas.

Gift Ideas.