This Giving Tuesday…Give Blood!

No doubt that you’ve been seeing a lot of organizations asking you for money. I have no doubt that every one of them do great work and need the money. Please give generously.

I also know that money can be tight sometimes…especially this time of year. If you want to do some good on this Giving Tuesday, here’s what you need to do: Give BLOOD!

It will cost you nothing but an hour of your time and you will save not one, not TWO, but THREE lives! Did you know each pint of blood can save three lives? Did you know someone is in need of blood every TWO SECONDS?!

There is no substitution for blood, so if you are looking to make an impact in someone’s life, give blood this Giving Tuesday.

You can schedule an appointment at a Versiti Blood Center location near you, or you can find mobile blood drives around the area.

Why I love Versiti so much, and why I volunteer on their Community Action Board, is because the blood you donate stays local as much as possible, helping cancer patients, car accident victims, trauma victims, and others who need blood in our own backyard.

They need as many NEW donors as possible, especially those from minority communities! They also need those who have donated in the past to go do it again! Blood doesn’t last for very long, so demand is constant!

Go schedule that appointment and feel good about being generous on this Giving Tuesday.