This Might Be Your Last Train…Er, Chance…

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and like so many of us, I grew up loving the Monkees.

Many years ago, when I was in Merrillville Indiana, Davy Jones was eating dinner in the same restaurant where I was dining with my husband and some friends. Like two giggling school girls, Susan and I timidly went over and asked Davy for his autograph. Unfortunately, this was before I had a cell phone, but I still have that faded signature, framed and hanging on my wall.

Davy passed away in 2012, then Peter Tork died in 2019, and then late last year Mike Nesmith passed as well, so Micky Dolenz is the only one left.

Micky is coming to the Rialto Square Theater in Jolieton Wednesday April 13th for a concert honoring Davy, Mike and Peter. He’ll be singing, and there will also be personal multimedia footage of the whole band.

Micky will be backed by a seven-piece band, singing many of the hits we all know and love. This might be our last chance to see him, so don’t miss this one-of-a-kind performance.

Find out more, and get your tickets HERE