Three More Local School Districts Going to Fulltime In-Person Learning

Many students in Naperville and Plainfield will be headed back into the classrooms five days a week starting after spring break.

Plainfield 202, Naperville 203 and Indian Prairie District 204 all notified parents that kids will be back in classrooms for the entire week starting on April 7th.

One of my children is in Dist 202, and according to the letter from Superintendent Lane Abrell a combination of relaxed social distancing rules (now defined as “3-6 feet” instead of strictly 6 feet) and the number of vaccinated teachers is what made the transition to full-time in-classroom learning possible for most students.

Here’s what Dan Bridges, Super for Dist. 203 had to say in a recent YouTube video:

Students and staff in the buildings will still be wearing masks all day (which hasn’t been an issue with my kids, thank God). While the actual distance between desks has been relaxed by the CDC and ISBE, there are still SOME social distancing guidelines, and those still prevent schools in Dist 202 at least from being able to host kids for lunch. That means that while students will be in the classroom each day, it won’t be for as many hours as it otherwise would have been.

In the case of Dist. 202, teachers will still be teaching in a hybrid manner (in-persona and online simultaneously) for those families who want to keep their kids home, but I imagine that is the case for all districts involved.

What this all comes down to is space. Does each building have the required space to accommodate students in adherence to the guidelines? Consult your local district website for school-specific information.

If you have heard of other districts following suite, please share it with us!