Three Things Everyone Does at the Drive-Thru

I am guilty of two out of three of these?   How about you? Any you would like to add?

Someone posted a short-but-sweet list of things everyone does at the drive-thru.  Here are the three they came up with . . .

1.  Reciting your order from memory.  When it’s a place you go to a lot, you don’t need the menu.  You’ve got your regular order locked and loaded.

(Sometimes though, I’m that jerk who says “I just need a minute” and holds up the line.  Then I consult the full menu . . . and get my normal order anyway.)

2.  Checking the bag.  They usually get it right, but one time they didn’t.  So now you have to check every single time.  Some people even go the extra mile and check their receipt to make sure they weren’t overcharged.

3.  Trying the fries immediately.  Fresh fries are too tempting.  So your hand is probably in the bag before you’re even out of the parking lot.

(The Takeout)

(What’s something else you do at the drive-thru?  Here are a few more we thought of: Asking them, “Is the straw in there?” . . . ordering a Coke and hearing, “Is Pepsi okay?” . . . and getting angry at the car in front of you for not pulling up another TWO FEET so you can order already.)