Three Things You Should Never Do at Work

I love it when I see things like this. 3 things you should never do at work. My inclination is to see which ones I have done? LOL  I guess I have a sick sense of humor. Read On…

Here are three things you should never do at work, according to an HR professional . . .

1.  Don’t overshare.  It’s easy to get comfortable with your coworkers when you’re around them for eight hours a day.  But that doesn’t mean they’re automatic friends.  And oversharing too much of your life with them could cause issues, like with gossip and rumors starting.

2.  Don’t be humble.  Successful people tend to be very direct about their accomplishments and more vocal.  That means if you’re too humble, you might get passed up for a promotion more easily.  If you don’t advocate for yourself, no one else will.

3.  Don’t stick around too long at parties.  Negative things can come out of hanging around too long at company functions, whether it’s the alcohol, or just being with your coworkers in a different environment.

So swing by, show your face, and spend some time at the party . . . but hanging around longer than a couple of hours doesn’t always serve a good purpose.

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