I don’t know if this works or not, but I bet you’ll get some extra face-licks from your dog:  TikTok’s latest beauty trend is to rub BEEF FAT all over your face.  (???)  It’s supposed to be a great moisturizer, and cure acne.

Technically, it’s “beef tallow” . . . rendered fat that’s been cooked down to remove impurities.  It’s just like lard, except lard is from pigs.  A bunch of people online swear it works, and say their skin has never looked better.

Most aren’t buying it at the grocery store.  Back in the day, people used it as a natural moisturizer, and some beauty brands still sell it.  They usually mix it with things like beeswax or essential oils.  Otherwise, it doesn’t have much of a smell.

Someone asked a dermatologist, who said it’s probably safe to try, but wouldn’t be his first choice for acne or dry skin.  There are lots of other products now that are PROVEN to help with skin issues.  And he says beef tallow could actually end up making your pores even more clogged.

That said, some fans claim they’ve tried everything for acne, and it’s the only thing that’s worked.

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