Happy Saturday!  Tim Thomas in for Leslie Harris with another Deep Cuts artist.  This man has been in legendary bands like Derek And The Dominos, Cream, Blind Faith, and the Yardbirds.  You can make the argument that his is the greatest rock guitarist of all time.  Or at least in the top 3.  There is only one “Slowhand” and today I am celebrating the solo music of Eric Clapton.

Eric has been an influence of so many guitarists.  He loves the blues, he can play rock and roll and he has written some amazing songs.  He has lived a hard life but his music will be enjoy easily for many generations to come.  18 Grammy’s, and he has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 3 times!  A legend in every sense of the word.

So as you can imagine, going through his solo music was quite a task. A lot of choices for Deep Cuts.  Here are my 4 from his solo work:

Behind The Mask- August

Before You Accuse Me- Journeyman

Can’t Find My Way Home- 461 Ocean Blvd

River Of Tears- Pilgrim

Got a few favorites other than my choices? Share them on our Facebook page and give my choices a listen below.  Thanks for listening!




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