Happy Friday…or for tonight it is FOREIGNER Friday on Deep Cuts!  Yes tonight we will feature Lou Gramm, Mick Jones and the boys from Foreigner.

I was lucky enough to see this band before Lou Gramm had his medical issues and it was a fun time.  Seeing that big jukebox on the stage was quite a treat.  A band known for being able to rock…and could also perform an amazing ballad!  So let look into their musical library and select a few Deep Cuts that I think you will enjoy.

Love On The Telephone- Head Games

Soul Doctor- 40 Hits From 40 Years

Starrider- Foreigner

Headknocker- Foreigner

Hey…the band has been around for 40 years.  So I suspect a few more selections and suggestions will be coming my way.  Let’s have them!  And check out the 4 songs I have selected below.  As always…thank you for sharing your thoughts.