Hope you had a great Tuesday! I have now entered the letter “V” in my Deep Cuts series, so tonight we get to celebrate the music of the band Van Halen!

This is a band that really has 2 versions.  You have the David Lee Roth era, and the Sammy Hagar era.  I think we can all just ignore the Gary Cherone album.  🙂   But each version of the band has it’s fans and detractors.  But their place in rock history is secure.  Although I did find it ironic that when the band went into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…the only two to show up for honor were Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar…who were not in the band at the time.

So if you are a fan of either version of Van Halen, you know that had some amazing songs.  It was hard to choose 4 Deep Cuts and I had to decide which version of the band to think about.  I hope you enjoy my 4 choices:

Romeo Delight- Women and Children First

Humans Being- Twister Soundtrack

Ice Cream Man- Van Halen I

Poundcake- For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge

Give them a listen below.  And share your favorites on our Facebook page.  Thanks for listening!

~ Tim Thomas


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