Well it finally happened.  I made it through the alphabet of rock bands that you may hear on 95.9 The River!  It’s Friday night and I have entered the letter “Z” in my Deep Cuts series and that can only mean one band…ZZTop!

Now we know that this band has been rocking for 50 years.  And they had some amazing hits in the 70’s.  But when Eliminator came out…and they were all over MTV…they got even bigger! Their blues-based rock and roll, the great guitar work of Billy and Dusty…and the drums of Frank Beard…just a band that always seems to deliver the goods.  Nothing fancy…just great music.

Obviously some tough choices needed to be made to decide on which 4 songs would get the Deep Cuts treatment.  It was hard…but I hope you like my 4 selections:

Heard It On The X- Fandango!

TV Dinners- Eliminator

Stages- Afterburner

Viva Las Vegas- Greatest Hits 1992

Got a few favorites of your own? Share them with me! Comment on our Facebook page and give my 4 choices a listen below.  Thanks for listening!

~ Tim Thomas

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