Today is International Coffee Day!

For many of us…coffee is the nectar of the Gods!  We love it…and can’t live without it.  It wakes us up…gives us the caffeine boost we need.   It is a simple first date drink.  It is also delicious when spiked with booze!

It has health benefits too.  If consumed black.  You can click HERE for a list of them.

We love the varieties…the aromas…and it can give us an excuse to get together to catch up with friends and family. So I ask you…do you have a favorite?  Who has the best coffee?  What flavors do you like?  How do you drink it?  Feel free to share your thoughts…and enjoy a cup of java today!  Lets celebrate the coffee bean…and the drink it has created that is the lifeblood for many of us.


~ Tim Thomas